Statement from Alavanca-Marxist-Leninist Movement, salute to the last congress of KO

Dear comrades of KO,

We want to congatulate the comrades of the german Communist Organization (KO) for your victory over the revisionist faction in your last congress. Our movement had experienced very significant cooperation with your organization but this was damaged during a year that the revisionist faction got control of the central management of KO, we want to continue to cooperate with KO on a marxist-leninist basis like we did before.

For this end we advise you to focus on clarifying your mistakes and correcting them, in order to prevent similar revisionist crisis in the future with such great internal damage as this one had. We advise you to take the ideologial battle against revisionism to the greatest level that it deserves and also to place the necessary measures on the organization al and disciplinary basis to prevent that a revisionist faction ever grows as big as this one did in KO. Of course the programmatic thesis and programmatic basis of KO can not be changed, violated and opposed in the opposite direction by some leadership that claims to be more powerful than a congress and a programmatic document.

We grow as communists by learning from our mistakes and taking lessons from our experience. And we also learn from the experience of the international communist movement and especially from its leninist pole and its most mature and advanced communist parties such as KKE from Greece, TKP from Turkey, PCTE from Spain and PCM from Mexico.

Due to our own battles of survival, facing illness and poverty, we did not manage to send this message to your congress in time. But better late than ever, we want you to know that we are by your side in the important struggle against revisionism and we consider you a fraternal organization.

We wish you the best in building a strong and militant communist party in Germany. And we wish you to continue your great work in promoting proletarian internationalism and cooperation between communist organizations and communist parties.