Grußwort der SKP: To the Kommunistische Organisation Extraordinary Congress, 2023

Dear Comrades,

The Communist Party of Sweden sends comradely greetings to Kommunistische Organisation on the occasion of your Extraordinary Congress.

On the eve of your congress we observe the growing ideological chasm within the world
communist movement, caused by a fundamental disagreement on the nature of imperialism, and exacerbated by the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The international communist movement has faced many tests during its long history. The tests faced by our movement today must again be solved by the application of Marxist-Leninist principles. These principles will guide us to where we must be: on the side of the peoples and against any and all imperialist blocks or states.

The Communist Party of Sweden sees the importance of a force that can gather and organize the German proletariat on these principles. It is a necessity for the revolutionary struggle for socialism-communism in Germany, the most populous and economically powerful country in the EU, and therefore of utmost importance for the worldwide struggle.
We send you our best wishes for a successful congress which will advance your positions and
prepare you for the struggles lying ahead. We look forward to learning about the conclusions
drawn and decisions made by your congress.

Long live socialism-communism!
Long live proletarian internationalism!

With comradely regards,
The International Section
Communist Party of Sweden