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​Report from the 1st Congress of the Communist Party

The last Congress of the Communist Organisation (Kommunistische Organisation, KO) was held from June 21 to 23, 2024. At this congress the members decided to found the Communist Party (Kommunistische Partei, KP). Therefore, we consider this congress to be our 1st Party Construction Congress (a name we adopted for the first two congresses, because they will establish the basic features of the party as such). As a result, we are giving up our previous name and are changing it to Kommunistische Partei (KP).

On the strategy and tactics of the Palestinian liberation struggle

"The struggle for the unity of the working class in our country, against the division caused by racism in all its forms (whether anti-Palestinian or anti-Jewish), against the war policy of the rulers, therefore obliges us to put solidarity with the Palestinian people on the political agenda in our own interest, without fear of being defamed by the ruling propaganda or the repression of the state."- Statement of the Central Leadership of the Communist Organization of 24 December 2023, revised on March 10, 2024 English translation of the statement.

The Communist International, its dissolution and the international struggle of communists today

What was the Comintern? Why was it founded? How did it come to be dissolved, and how do we evaluate this experience today?

Grußwort der Kommunistischen Organisation an das Gründungstreffen der Europäischen Kommunistischen Aktion in Athen

Internationale Kommission der Kommunistischen Organisation, Deutschland Wir begrüßen die Entscheidung zur Gründung der Europäischen Kommunistischen Aktion als einen positiven und notwendigen Schritt, um die Zusammenarbeit und Koordination der kommunistischen Parteien Europas auf einer gemeinsamen inhaltlichen Grundlage zu verstärken.

The Bourgeoisie in the Imperialist World System.

Theses according to which the imperialist world system today is unipolar dominated by the USA are not tenable. The term "comprador bourgeoisie" is totally inappropriate to characterize the bourgeoisie in weaker countries of the imperialist world system. In these countries, too, monopoly capital rules and, in order to pursue its own profit strategies, it enters into links on a global scale based on unequal mutual dependence with other finance-capitalist monopolies.

Zur Auflösung der „Europäischen Kommunistischen Initiative“

Die Europäische Kommunistische Initiative ist seit dem 9. September 2023 Geschichte. Die Notwendigkeit einer verstärkten Koordination und gemeinsamen Organisierung der kommunistischen Bewegung in Europa und weltweit auf Grundlage des proletarischen Internationalismus und des Marxismus-Leninismus ist damit nicht entfallen.

The German Communist Party (DKP), Socialism and the PR China

On March 17 - 19, 2023, the 25th Party Congress of the German Communist Party (DKP) took place. Focus was placed on a motion which, when passed, ultimately meant that the party’s Central Committee (CC) pushed through a line of support for Chinese capitalism. We see four main problems in the resolution, which we will outline in this critique.

Erklärung des Zentralkomitees des Revolutionären Kommunistischen Jugendverbandes (Bolschewiki) RKSM(b)

Erklärung des Zentralkomitees des Revolutionären Kommunistischen Jugendverband (Bolschewiki) RKSM(b) zur Rebellion der PMC Wagner. Also in English and Russian / Русский.