Grußwort des RKSM(b) an den 1. Aufbauparteitag

Dear comrades,

The RKSM(b) sends its solidarity greetings to the Congress of the Kommunistische Organisation! This Congress marks another chapter in the history of your organisation, as it will discuss the establishment of a communist party. We congratulate you on this important step that your organisation is taking. The communist party will continue to unite the workers of Germany in their struggle for a world without exploitation more powerfully than ever before.

The latest world news is becoming increasingly terrifying. The war in Ukraine is gaining new momentum: sending of more heavy weapons and even a limited contingent of Western troops to the front, authorisation of attacks on the Russian territory, threats of retaliation from the other side – all this is leading to an escalation of the conflict. This is condoned by the countries of both imperialist blocs, including Russian and German states. As communists, we all realise that neither side is going to stop – this is the essence of imperialism. The workers in our countries are living worse and worse as the capitalist crisis deepens, and the bourgeoisie of each country is more and more openly promoting the ideas of class solidarity and fascism in an attempt to fight internal contradictions.

We are encouraged to see that the KO is strengthening its fight against German militarism and for workers’ solidarity. By explaining current events to workers and students through the lens of the theory of imperialism and class struggle, you are doing a tremendous job to support the whole communist movement. In today’s reality, where people are confronted with injustice and the horrors of war, the need for a strong organisation that stands firmly on the positions of Marxism-Leninism is greater than ever. We are glad that the KO is following this path.

The RKSM(b) also stands against Russian imperialism and for the consolidation of the proletariat both internally and internationally. We continue our work to unite the Russian youth in the struggle for student and worker rights, to help organise and educate them, and to build trade and students’ unions.

The effective collaboration of our organisations allowed the RKSM(b) to participate in the “Down with the war!” campaign, which provided the Russian and Ukrainian communists with a platform to express the anti-war position. We hope for further fruitful cooperation with the KO, guided by the principles of proletarian internationalism. We wish you a productive work during and after the Congress as well as further growth and strengthening of your ranks. May our joint efforts sow the seeds of change and lead us on the path to a just and peaceful society!

Central Committee of the RKSM(b)