Grußwort der SKP an den 1. Aufbauparteitag

Dear Comrades,

The Communist Party of Sweden sends fraternal greetings to the Kommunistische Organisationon on the occasion of your Congress.

The imperialist conflicts of the last few years are a stern reminder that under imperialism any peace is a temporary peace. With the war in Ukraine in its third year, EU and NATO countries continue to send billions upon billions in military aid and arms to Ukraine, prolonging the war and risking terrible consequences for the peoples, including escalation and generalization of the war.

The peoples who are spared from the devastation and suffering of open warfare are faced with cutbacks in social services and healthcare, as military spending is increased. The cost of sharpening imperialist competition is placed squarely on the shoulders of the working people.

The heinous Israeli war against the Palestinian people in Gaza has still no end in sight. The genocide perpetuated in Gaza has revealed how bourgeois hypocrisy knows no limit. The rhetoric may vary, but in the end an important strategic ally is worth more to any country’s capitalists than the lives of tens of thousands of innocent civilians. We know that the repression facing those who raise themselves in solidarity with the Palestinian people is particularly harsh and blatant in Germany and we salute our German comrades’ perseverance.

Only through organization is there any hope of stopping imperialist slaughter and the communists must be at the forefront of organizing the people. Not only to struggle against war and exploitation, but to struggle against their source: capitalism. We wish the Kommunistische Organisation success with your congress, that it may be productive and strengthen your organization further for the struggle ahead, for the struggle for peace and socialism.

Long live proletarian internationalism! Long live the Kommunistische Organisation!

With comradely regards, The International Section

Communist Party of Sweden