Grußwort der CWPUSA an den 1. Aufbauparteitag

CWPUSA Greetings to the Congress of the KO

Dear comrades,

We salute the comrades of the Kommunistische Organisation (KO). In the face of escalating inter-imperialist tensions and a fragmented International Communist Movement (ICM), it is admirable that the communists of Germany humbly pursue the task of building the Communist Party.

Like in the US, the historic party and the communist movement in Germany are in deep crisis, submerged in the swamp of opportunism and revisionism. Without a revolutionary communist party, there is no way forward for the workers and people of Germany.

Our current phase, marked by the most parasitic stage of capitalism—imperialism—demands a socialist revolution, which can only be achieved through the leading role of the fighting organization of the working class. This historic task is what the KO aims for. In both Germany and the US, our organizations are part of a broader international movement that seeks to overcome the significant crisis in the international communist movement and address the isolation of communists from the workers, which creates a vacuum for bourgeois ideology.

In both our countries, millions are unemployed, poverty is rampant, young people have no prospects, and racism and nationalism are on the rise. Under these complex conditions, the communists of the KO are advancing to transform collective anger into organized resistance. We wish the KO success in the work of its Congress.

We look forward to continuing our cooperation with the KO to strengthen the international revolutionary current within the ICM and the collaboration between communists in Germany and the USA.

Central Committee of the Communist Workers’ Platform of the USA